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Friday 29 March 2013

Logs March 28 & QSLs from Delta and Python

It was a very quiet night on sw.  Thankfully, Focus had a good signal for most of the night, and mw faded in for a bit.

1620,0 . . 2155 . UNID (Greece?), Greek sounding music and talk, c/d 2157, 24442

1625,0 . . 2204 . Radio Orban, weak music, heard 5 minutes before I had to go to supper, ID via Iann’s chat, 25342

1646,0 . . 2241 . Witte Raaf Radio, Eagles “One of These Nights”, greetings, ID, “Smoke on the Water”, 35442

6284,7 . . 2309 . Focus Int., ID, HL number, Dylan “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”, 44343

Recently received QSLs include this one from Delta:

Thanks Wim!

And thanks to Python for this card:

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