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Tuesday 12 March 2013

Logs, March 12 (13UTC) and QSL from Boombox Radio

Just 3 logs tonight, but covering 3 continents.  One of the Brazilian freebanders was playing music for a bit tonight, and seemed to have some announcements after.  (I am happy to include free stations from any location who entertain their listeners with music.)

6933,0L . 0028 . UNID (Brazil), latin pop mausic, “Queen “I Want to Break Free”, another latin song, op made a few comments in Portuguese, brief QSO and off, 24442

6949,5 . . 0059 . Pirate Radio Boston, several songs that I did not recognize (reggae/new age style), IDs, email, very loud pulsing ute that was very difficult to notch out, 32442

4026,0 . .0122 . Laser Hot Hits, laser sound, BeeGees “Staying Alive”, ID, time check for “2:12 on a Sunday afternoon”, Boney M “Painter Man”34442

As well, I found a nice surprise at my post office this morning.  Boombox Radio from the US sent me this QSL for my recent reception.  Nicely done, and even laminated!  As much as I do appreciate receiving e-QSLS, there is always something special about receiving a physical card in the mail.

Thanks DJ Light Touch.

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