News about free radio stations on shortwave and mediumwave, and free radio logs from Newfoundland, Canada.

Monday 25 March 2013

Logs, March 25 (26 UTC)

6950,7 . . 0058 . The Crystal Ship, “Roundabout”, ID, announced it was the Rock & Roll Art Show, Floyd “Time”, c/d 0138, 44443

1710,0 . . 0112 . Radio Celestial (tent), I have not heard Radio Soleil, the Haitian station from Brockton, MA in quite a while, although there has often been a carrier. Tonight I heard distinct Spanish talk, with a mention of “Jesus Christo”, then religious style music.  Possibly Radio Celestial from New York, 25331 (not my favourite kind of pirate, but an interesting reception since NYC is 2000 km away)

4029,0 . . Laser Hot Hits, instrumental, ID, dance, 23442, ssb QRM, very wide signal,

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