News about free radio stations on shortwave and mediumwave, and free radio logs from Newfoundland, Canada.

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Orion Radio QSL

I received this nice, detailed eQSL from Orion Radio Nederland last week for a reception on January 22.

Thanks John!

Sunday 29 January 2012

Logs, Sunday, January 29

Hi everyone:

I got up at 4:30 am local time this morning, hoping to hear some activity from Europe.  Unfortunately, conditions were not good, and the few signals I heard were weak.

5820,0 . . 0805 . Orion Radio Nederland, ad for Offshore Echoes, ID, greetings to listeners, 24332
6984,8 . . 0813 . Radio Waves Int., traces of music, ID via Iann’s chat
6220,0 . . 0824 . Radio Merlin Int., weak pop music, talk by a familiar voice, 25331
6930,0 . . 0845 . Irish Music Radio, ID, pop music, 25331
6325.0 . . 0937 . Wizard Radio, Kraftwerk, faded after a few minutes, ID via Iann’s chat, 24331
6376.0 . . 1010 . UNID, traces of music for a couple minutes, then faded

Cheers, Terry

Borderhunter Radio QSL

Welcome to my new blog about free radio!  

I would like to start my blog by going back to where it all started for me, which was February, 2009.  Having just returned to shortwave listening after an absence of many years, I tuned across some music on 6210.  After much listening (my antenna was far from ideal at the time), I heard a mention of "Dr. Tim".  Google led me to Dr. Tim's website, where I met the person who was actually responsible for the signal, which was Frans of Borderhunter Radio.

I was hooked!!! ... and I still enjoy hearing Borderhunter's broadcasts.

With happy memories of that first reception, here is the QSL that started it all:

Cheers, Terry