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Thursday 5 September 2013

QSLs from Radio Totse (New Zealand) and Centurion & Logs, Sept. 4

I was very, very happy to receive a eQSL from Radio Totse, from New Zealand, about 16000 km with only 100 watts usb.  My first pirate from down under!  Thanks Dak.

I also got a nice surprise at my mailbox.  Radio Centurion sent me a nice print QSL via snailmail!  Thanks!

Logs, Sep. 4

6939,8 . . 0058 . Radio Casablanca (US), IS, anthem, ID/email, 25442

6285,0 . . 2152 . Radio Ronex, pop, ID, greetings, instrumental music, c/d 2218, 25442

6210,4 . . 2221 . UNID, continuous tango music, no announcements heard, 25441

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