News about free radio stations on shortwave and mediumwave, and free radio logs from Newfoundland, Canada.

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Logs, August 26 (evening)

It was not a busy night on the bands, but that was ok, since I could spend more time listening to each station.  Radio Tidalwave had a good signal and a great show with a variety of music, including some nice classic rock.  Over 60 Degree Radio had a very long show, mostly down in the noise here, but there was a decent peak around local sunset.

6304,9  . . 1937 . Radio Tidal Wave, “Solid Like a Rock”, greetings to Artem and Alexandr, ID, email,  “19th Nervous Breakdown”, 25441, up to 35442 by 2032 c/d

6930,0L . 2050 . Baltic Sea Radio, “Bird Dance. “seagull” ID, email, 24441

6290,0L . 2129 . Over 60 Degree Radio, barely audible at first, up to 24441 at 2220 with Stevie Wonder “I Just Called to Say I Love You”, on past 0100

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