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Wednesday 9 March 2016

QSLs from Pioneer, Sunflower, IBC, Long Live, Key Channel, Orion 2000 & Anthony

I don't get a chance to send a lot of reports to stations.  My free time is limited, and I would rather spend it listening.  Occasionally, however, I send out a bunch, and that has resulted in some nice QSLs over the past week.

First, a real nice surprise was this IBC QSL that actually came through the mail.  It is always nice to get a physical card, but you can see from the postage why a lot of stations just send eQSLs.  Thanks IBC!

Next, this vintage style confirmation from Pioneer AM Radio:

This colourful QSL from Radio Sunflower:

This card from the new multi-ethnic format station Key Channel Radio:

This appropriately themed card and nice pennant from Radio Orion 2000:

This psychedelic pattern from Long Live Radio: 

And, finally, this nice photo collage from Radio Anthony:

Thanks to all the stations for the QSLs.

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