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Friday, 1 January 2016

Download your free 2016 Calender - Pirate Radio Europe

Happy New Year!  Here is my little gift for all pirate radio fans.  

I have constructed a 2016 calender featuring QSLs from over 40 European pirate stations from 17 different countries.  It also lists national holidays for all countries where pirate stations or fans are commonly found.

I thought that this might be more useful than my usual Christmas card. :-)  Simply staple the top and tear off a page each month.

Here is a sample page (low resolution):

The calendar can be downloaded in Word format from by using this link:  

PDF Format:
I had to scan each page as a separate pdf file.  Sorry.  Here is the link for each page.
(If anyone can combine these into one pdf file, it would be greatly appreciated.)

Let me know if you like the calender and use it.  


  1. Great Gift! Thank you and Happy 2016!
    Ihor from Lviv, Ukraine

  2. TNX OM great gift and 73 from my home to you and yours!

  3. Thanks for the gift Terry.
    Excellent idea.


  4. Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed it!

    There have been over 50 downloads, so it was a worthwhile effort, I think.

  5. Hi Terry, good work!
    You can combine these into one pdf file using the site
    You don't need to install any software.

    73's and FFFR!