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Wednesday 23 October 2013

Logs, Oct. 19-20 (and how I rediscovered the magic of pirate radio)

A strange thing happened to me on Saturday night.  After 4+ years of listening, I suddenly rediscovered the magic of europirate radio, and fell in love with it all over again.

Let me explain.

This was a horribly crappy weekend for me.  One of our cats died in our arms on Friday night.  Now, some people may say "It was just a cat", and I understand that.  But he was part of our family, and one of the kindest, gentlest cats I have ever known.  Plus, we have already buried 3 parents and our dog in the past few months, so it hit me pretty hard.

Of course, on Saturday I had to make a hole to bury my cat, but the soil in our backyard has never been disturbed by man, and is hard as concrete.  The only thing that works is a 2 m long, 20 kg iron bar with a pointed tip, which chips out tiny bits the size of your fingernail.  It took 6 hours.

By the time Saturday evening came, I was feeling about as depressed, tired and sore as I have ever felt in my life, but I decided to listen for a bit.  And a funny thing happened.  Just listening to all the stations gradually took my mind off everything.  By the time I heard Readymix play "Run to the Hills", I was totally lost in the radio.  And to top it off, my old friend Borderhunter came on the air at the perfect time and brought several smiles to my face.

What makes europirate radio so special?  It is the operators.  Their enthusiasm and love of what they do is absolutely contagious, and listening always makes you feel better.  They are unique, they are true masters of the art, and I salute them.  Thank you. one and all.

Oct. 19
6290,0 . . 1917 . Radio Black Arrow, Stones “Miss You”, Led Zep “Kashmir”, Supertramp “School”, ID, 24442
6795,8 . . 1929 . Pink Panther Radio, “Cover of the Rolling Stone”, jingle ID, 24442, up to 34443 by 2106 with greetings, ID; closing announcements, ID, email, 2210
6325,8 . . 2003 . Tower Radio, 80’s pop, ID, 33442, ute QRM, still 34442 at 2147 with greetings, ID, “Fox on the Run”, c/d 2158
6910,0 . . 2011 . Premier Radio Int., jazz. “It’s Raining Men”, “Locomotion”, ID, 25442, c/d 2104
6746,9 . . 2025 . Pioneer AM Radio, slow Dutch music, ID, 24442,
6423,0 . . 2042 . Studio 52, weak music and talk, had to use lsb mode because of massive ute on 6425, ID via Iann;s chat, 22441
6267,5L . 2052 . Over 60 Degree Radio, weak music, just above the noise, 15441, moved to 6260.0L at 2126, “Blanket on the Ground” at 2205,
6205,4 . . 2111 . Radio Tango Italia, slow music, show tunes?, ID, 25342
6324,8 . . 2217 . Radio Norton, instrumental polka, IDs, greetings, 23442, ute and ssb QRM
6306,0 . . 2300 . Radio Universe, ID, Kiss “I Was Made For Loving You”, 25342
6450,2 . . 2305 . Radio Readymix, greetings, Iron Maiden “Run to the Hills”, ID, AC?DC “Whole Lotta Rosie”, 25342
6260,0 . . 2340 . Borderhunter Radio, ID, greetings, “Fight For Yur Right to Party”, lots of diverse music, 45444, c/d 0113

Oct. 20
6795,8 . . 1940 . Pink Panther Radio, John Denver “Leaving On a Jet Plane”, ID, c/d 2024, 32441, bad noise
6235,0 . . 2039 . Sluwe Vos Radio, techno, Mike Oldfield “Tubular Bells”,
6910,0 . . 2052 . Premier Radio Int., greetings, ID, Supertramp “Logical Song”, 25342


  1. A sad and also great story Terry,
    I feel sorry for your cat and I also feld depressed when I lost 2 cats some years ago. They lived in my family for 17 years and I got really attached to them.
    Great to read that Euro pirates can be such a sunshine in your live at the right moment!
    I hope you will receive much more the comming dark winter months.

    Radio Zeewolf.

    1. Thanks Herman

      Radio can have great power to affect people. It is wonderful that free stations in Europe use this power to spread happiness. It is the best gift that anyone can share.