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Thursday 11 April 2013

Logs, April 9- 12

Sorry for the late posting.  As usual, not much listening time during the weeknights here, but I did snag a few signals (mostly North American because of my late listening hours).

All dates and times UTC

April 9
6949,6 . . 2342 . Pseudo Radio, punk music and voice outtakes, possible ID as “(Kudo?) Radio QSL” at 2348, c/d 2355, 45343, lots of loud static crashes tonight (ID given on HFU as “Pseudo Radio”)

April 10
4029,0 . . 0050 . Laser Hot Hits, “Soul Searching”, talk, signal was s5-7 but poor copy tonight

April 11
6925,0 . . 0124 . Red Mercury Labs, unknown pop song, The Fixx “One Thing Leads to Another”, The Outfield “Your Love”, talk by op, just a bit too low to copy, “We Got the Beat”, ID via HFU, 35342
6925,1 . . 2354 . Pseudo Radio, punk music, ID 0010, c/d 0012, 33341

April 12
4029,0 . . 0016 . Laser Hot Hits, pop (I think Phil Collins), talk too weak to copy tonight, 24331, occasional loud  rtty QRM

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