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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Russian pirate on 7605 kHz now until May 5

also from

The pirate station formerly on 8001 kHz is now on 7605 until May 5.  Power is 10-15 W, and the antenna seem small, but maybe some listeners in Europe can hear the signal (not even a carrier detectable here tonight).

Programming consists of continuous music with no announcements (previous shows had classical music, I believe).

(Note:  Freq may vary from 7605 by 1-2 kHz, but be aware that Lightning Radio from Hungary may be testing on 7600 again.)

The email for the station is

The following is a poor translation from"

"Hello everyone! Turn on the transmitter on the frequency 7605kgts for all holidays until May 5. Pomonitorte AMPs., Who will have the time. Muses. Instrumental tracks of the AM modulation. Just for fun connected full-size Framework horizontal antenna height of 1/10 wave. Far more likely will not pass, AZI antenna and power of a small 10-15W. The frequency of such a free, except for some wire manipulation in the morning at 09.11 MSK time. The test is conducted on a telegraph Mayachka - dead zone was not more than 20 km, more was heard at the level of the signal in the line of sight"

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