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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Logs, May 29 and QSL from Radio Ronin Shortwave

As expected for mid-week, the bands were fairly quiet.

6685,0L . 2340 , UNID, continuous slow instrumental jazz music, no announcement heard, good signal and quite good audio for lsb, 44443

6245,0 . . 2350 . Shortwave Gold, lots of pop that I didn't recognize or was vaguely familiar, IDs, 34342

4026,0 . . 0124 . Laser Hot Hits, ID, website, Gloria Estefan “Get On Your Feet”, 35332

I received a nice surprise at the post office this morning ... a full colour, full data printed QSL from Radio Ronin Shortwave.  Great design, as always.  Thanks RRS!

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