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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Logs May 9 and absolutely unique new QSL from Over 60 Dgr Radio

There was unusually loud, continuous static crashes tonight. Quite unusual for this location.

6280,0 . . 2327 . UNID, pop music (Dutch I think), listened to a few minutes, no announcements heard, (left the recorder running as I went for supper, but it failed), 34332

6245,0 . . 0016 . Shortwave Gold, pop music, weak signal tonight with ute QRM, finally caught an ID 0052, 23341

4026,0 . . 0054 . Laser Hot Hits, pop, ID, laser effects, 35342

I always enjoy receiving QSLs from stations for my reports.  They are fun to collect, and I think they give stations  "personality".

But when a station goes through the trouble to make a nice QSL uniquely for you ... that is special, and very much appreciated.  This is what Over 60 Dgr did this week, blending a map of Newfoundland with a hand tuning a radio.  I think he did an absolutely superb job of blending the images.  Definitely unique!

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