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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Logs, May 7 and new QSL from Over 60 Dgr Radio

Two regular stations are back on the air.  Laser has returned to 4026, and Lightning is back on 7615, which they used a couple of years ago.

6245,0 . . 2334 . UNID, continuous pop music, Fleetwood Mac (one of their lesser hits), similar music mix and signal as Radio Bops, but no ID heard, 35332, still going 0115

4026,0 . . 0000 . Laser Hot Hits, back on 4026, ID, laser effects, 80’s pop, 33332, some "machine gun" style QRM

7615,0 . . 0014 . Lightning Radio (presumed), repetitive, distinctly indie music on peaks, their website,, confirms that they have resumed transmissions on 7615

Update re Russian pirate on 7605:
I thought that this might be worth mentioning, since this blog has had a lot of recent visitors from Russia.  I did not hear any audio on 7605 last weekend, but I did hear a very weak carrier on (if my memory is correct) 7604,6 kHz.  I was chatting with a listener from the Ukraine at that time, who was hearing music on the exact same frequency.  Considering the small transmitting antenna being used, I am shocked that I heard even a carrier (and, of course, I cannot be sure of the source).  But I would encourage any Russian operators for future tests.

There has not been much time for sending reports lately (what free time I have had, I have spent listening), but Over 60 Degree Radio was nice enough to send me this great new QSL for my logs Friday night.  As usual, a map based theme.  Thanks Mike!

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