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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Logs, May 23

6285,2 . . 2317 . Focus Int., pop music, ID, HL numbers, email and snailmail, 34342

6735,0u . 2332 . Cool AM Radio, electronic music, same as aired twice earlier in the week, 24341, still on 0100  with more electronic music

4026,0 . . 0006 . Laser Hot Hits, dance, ID, 80’s pop, 24342

It has been amazing that I have have heard some of CoolAM's signal each night this week.  He uses 20-25 watts into a one meter mobile antenna.

Obviously, I do not receive Cool with a booming signal, but it is quite surprising how well his signal manages to jump 4000 km.  For those who may be curious, here are a couple short audio files from this week.

(remember, these are files from a ssb broadcast, so music is not clear )

Most ops uses dipole or inverted-V antennas, but I have also heard stations using other stick antennas, wall-mounted coils, even a metal roof.  It is surprising what can radiate a decent signal!

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  1. The magic is in the antenna not in the power