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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Logs, May 4

Happy Easter to all my Orthodox friends!

Not many logs last night.  Signals were late fading in, and it was a fairly quiet night on sw.  There were only traces on mw.  The best signal of the night was TRX, who had a long show of good tunes.  Over 60 Degree tested on numerous freqs, and a couple provided some weak audio (always nice to hear o60d!).

6305,0 . . 2141 . TRX Radio, Elvis “Don’t Be Cruel”, “Night and Day”, “Sandman”, other oldies, ID, long show and very good signal, 35443

6992,0L . 2158 . Baltic Sea Radio, ID, email, “The Twist”, “Rock This Town”, 24442

6290,0u . 2329 . Over 60 Degree Radio, Led Zep “Black Dog”, ID, 24441

6240,0 . . 2343 . Radio Flying Dutchman, ID, “Living in America”, 35342

9977,0u . 0023 . Over 60 Degree Radio, blues with harmonica, talk, ID via Iann’s chat, 15441

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