News about free radio stations on shortwave and mediumwave, and free radio logs from Newfoundland, Canada.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Logs, May 5

It was the first really warm, sunny day of the spring here yesterday, so I was a little late getting to the radio.  Not that it mattered, because signals faded in very late, and were very weak all night.  Just a few logs, and not a lot of detail.

6300,0 . . 2221 . Radio Bops (see comments), talk, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, ID, “Scar Tissue”, 34342 (new station)

6307,0 . . 2232 . Radio Powerliner Int., pop, ID barely copiable, weak signal for PL tonight, 24341

6286,2 . . 2240 . Radio Underground, weak music and talk, ID via Iann’s chat, 24341

6925,0 . . 2329 . Radio Cinco de Mayo, Mexican music, ID, email, 34342

6930,9 . . 0051 . SDF1 Radio, weak signal, instrumental music, possible IDs, but a little too weak to copy, ID via HFU, 24341


  1. Hi Terry! On 6300 was Radio Bops. Someone had relayed it. Here is web-site I don't know where from transmission was.