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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Logs, May 20 & 21, QSLs from Baltic Sea, CoolAM & Left Lane

Conditions have been amazingly good the last few nights.  Of course, it has not been busy, and my listening time is limited on weeknights, but the one benefit is that I have been arriving home around sunset, and benefiting from some nice grayline enhancement.

Cool AM has been incredibly consistent with his 20-25 watts and his little stick antenna.  Just goes to show you don;t need a full size dipole to jump the pond :-)

May 20
6245,0 . . 2138 . Shortwave Gold, Scorpions, “Send Me Angel”, ID, 25442

6735,0u . 2302 . Cool AM Radio, instrumental dance music with synthesizer, ID, tried am mode for a minute, but noise was too high, more instrumentals, same show as a couple nights ago, 25442

6925,2 . . 2342 , UNID, weak music, any IDs or comments between songs was lost in the loud lsb freebander QRM, 23341

May 21
6245,0 . . 2327 . Shortwave Gold, ID, Police “Don’t Stand So Close”, 35443

6289,9v . 2335 . Radio Morningstar, traces of oldies and talk, tentative ID, confirmed in Iann’s chat, 25341

6720,0u . . 2345 . Cool AM Radio, weak music, moved to 6717u at 2348 to escape ute QRM,  ID 0028, Springsteen “Born to Run”, 24441

6912,0L . 2357 . Baltic Sea Radio, Abba medley, ID, “She’s Got the Look”, 34343

6924,3 . . 0038 . UNID, pos ID at tune in,  but the only word I could copy was “radio”, live version of “Nobody’s Business But My Own”,  blues tune, more blues with lots of harmonica, possibly more blues, but signal faded until lost or c/d at 0051, 24442 at peak

I have also received some very nice QSLs these past few days ... 3 from BSR, 1 from CoolAM Radio and one from Left Lane Radio.  Thanks guys!

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