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Thursday, 22 March 2012

New QSLs: Witte Raaf, Vixen, Trans Europe, Batavia

It was a great week for QSLs.

Radio Witte Raaf (White Raven) sent me his brand new QSL.  This was for a reception on October 22, 2011 on mediumwave.

Thanks Witte Raaf!

Radio Vixen International  from the US sent me a new card for my reception last night.  (Looks like Fox 48,Bonofox, and Sluwe Vos have some female company on sw.  Too bad she's at least 5000 km away, hi)

Thanks RVI!

Trans Europe Radio sent me this nice pic of his unique transmitter as a QSL.  Nice rig!
Thanks TER!

Batavia sent me this QSL for last Friday's reception (not sure how Radio Gaga got on the pic, hi).  

Thanks Batavia!

And finally, this unique pic from Radio Rainbow.

Thanks for the comment RRI, but I know 99% of my success is only due to my unique location.

Incredibly good job of matching the letters to the balloon though.  Very professional job.

Thanks for all the great QSLs and pics guys.  There is nothing better than getting home from a long day and finding these gems in the inbox. 

Cheers, Terry

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