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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Logs. March 11 (afternoon/evening)

15090,0 . 1550 . Trans Europe Radio, IDs, email, music, c/d 1553, 25441, back on 1608 with “Our Lips Are Sealed”, ID

15490,0 . 1554 . Radio Black Arrow, “Black Velvet”, greetings, ID, 24431 at tune in, up to 34342 at 1615 c/d

I also heard Irish church stations on 27951,4 and 27814,9 (FM mode) at 1700.  This is a great indicator of improved conditions on the higher bands, and a good sign for the DX Test Weekend in 2 weeks.

6930,0 . . 1958 . Irish Music Radio, current pop song, ID, just fading in, 25341

6423,2 . . 2008 . Radio Uncle Sam, polka music, had to use lsb to separate from HUGE noise ute on 6425 (just learned this is Halifax military), c/d 2022, 32441

6307,2 . . 2024 . Radio Caroline Int.,15441 at tune in, up to 35442 by 2100, pop music, ID

6207,0u . 2035 . UNID, repetitive percussion music on and on, still going 0030, 25442

6420,0 . . 2048 . Black Bandit Radio, “Every Breath You Take”, greetings, CCR “The Old Man Down the Road”, ID, 44443

6925,0. . 2251 . Radio Ronin Shortwave (US), IS, ID, nice blues tunes tonight, 24442

3935,0 . . 2330 . Radio Mi Amigo via Radio Armadillo, pop music, talk by British-accented announcer, could only copy some words, ID via Iann’s chat, 24431

6959,6 . . 2350 . Atlantic Radio (presumed), just a s5 carrier with some ute QRM, either audio missing or turned way down

6970,0 . . 2355 . Laser Hot Hits (presumed),  pop music under severe ssb QRM, music was pretty clear at times, but voice was impossible to pull out of the  QRM, (Brazilians have moved onto 6970 for QSOs recently), 22441

6940,0 . . 0113 . Radio Casablanca (US), barely audible music (strange, Casablanca is usually loud here), ID via

Cheers, Terry


  1. Hi Terry and dog,

    a lot of thanks for such log of us there!!!
    Power had been maximum of 150watts here.

    Greetings to your dog and take care of him!
    I mention this, because our dog meanwhile has so terrible problems that I expect that he will not be able to stay in this world for a long time...

    R.Caroline International.

  2. Thanks for the comment Caroline.

    I am very sorry to hear about your dog. But it is not how long we live that is important, it is how well we live, and I am sure he has had a very good life with you.