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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Logs, March 11 (morning)

Conditions were horrible when I got up at 0730.  No sign of Atlantic or Laser, and no sign of FRSH at 0800 sign on.  Things improved a little as the upper bands opened, but weak signals for everyone this morning.

6325,0 . . 0828 . UNID, weak music, no announcement heard, c/d 0843, 25441

7600,6 . . 0905 . Free Radio Service Holland, weak music and talk, steady but weak signal until fade out around 1000, 25341

9301,4 . . 1001 . Free Radio Service Holland, //7601, jingle ID, rock music, English show, (IDs were clear, but talk was “bassy” and hard to copy), 25432

15770,0 . 1016 . WR International (via legal relay), just starting to fade in with pop and British-accented DJ, “Big Country” at 1028, ID, 24331, signal climbed to 35442 at 1055,  “A World Without Love”, started news, c/d 1100(just a carrier on 12257 today)

Cheers, Terry

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