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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Logs, March 20

6925,0 . . 2354 . Radio Ronin Shortwave (US), on with IS and ID, “Cruel Summer”, “Summer in the City”, c/d 0048, 35343

6925,0 . . 0053 . Radio Vixen Int. (US), “Little Sister”, ID, “She’s Not There”, 35342

6970,0 . . 0123. Laser Hot Hits, pop music and talk, decent signal strength but loads of QRM from ssb and Galei Zahal (Israeli Defence Forces Broadcasting Station), who appears to have moved back to 6973 for the new summer broadcasting season

6924,8 . . 0156 .Captain Morgan Shortwave (US), “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”, “Jumpin Jack Flash”,”Hey Joe”, “Black Sugar”, "All Around the Watchtower",25342

Cheers, Terry

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