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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Logs, Feb. 17

Today started somewhat frustrating on the radio.  There was loud local noise for the first few hours, then stations on 48 m would c/d just as they were fading in here (of course they were fading out in Europe).  For example, I heard 10 seconds of Tante Foek on 6250 before she moved to mw.  Thanks to the panthers (Pink and Black) for keeping 48 m alive.

Sometimes, however, patience is rewarded.  Calipso broke through the noise on 1638, followed by a QSO between Calipso and Jaguar Radio from Serbia (my reception of a Serbian pirate!)

15069,9 . 1458 . Bluestar Radio, Van Halen “Jump”, Beatles “Yesterday”, 25332

15060,0 . 1559 . Trans Europe Radio, Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing”, ID, email, greetings, 33342, local noise and fading

6552,8 . . 1843 . Radio Pink Panther, Kiss “I Was Made for Loving You”, ID, 24342

6430,2 . . 1920 . Radio Zwarte Panter, Dutch music, ID, email, c/d 1950, 24342

6325,8 . . 1952 . Radio Caroline Int., instrumental and dance music, ID, 24342

6985,1 . . 2025 . Lightning Radio (presumed), odd percussion style music, covered by freebanders within minutes

1700.0 . . 2118 . UNID, Greek QSO, could hear two of the 3 stations, loudest was 35342

1638,0 . . 2350 . Radio Calipso, talk and music, heard greetings, “Little Green Bag” at 0008, more greets, ID, 24331, followed by QSO between Calipso and Jaguar Radio from Serbia.  Calipso was quite clear for a while, and I heard much talk from Jaguar, including several “ok”’s and mentions of Calipso.  Following the QSO, Jaguar gave a ham sign (or skype ID?) many times with phonetic letters.

6925,0 . . 0150 . Captain Mogan Shortwave (US),  “Cover of the Rolling Stone’, ID, “Margaritaville”, ID, “Brandy”, c/d 0200, 25342


  1. Hi Terry,

    lot of thanks for such log of us there again after any longer time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Thank you very much for the nice comments, Jaguar Serbia

  3. Hi Dragi Thanks for the post. Please send me an email at I would like to send you a report and audio file

  4. Your e-mail is invalid and can not go, here's my address to you,
    Dragi Ruf
    +381 63 471 670
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    skype name: yu3dr.ruf

  5. Hi Dragi:

    Thanks! I have sent you an email report and audio files.

    Cheers, Terry