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Monday, 25 February 2013

Log, Feb. 25 & QSLs from BOR, Armada & Zwarte Panter

Log, Feb. 25 (26 UTC)

6925,6 . . 0030 . The Crystal Ship, ID, “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”, No Surrender”, "Turn Up the Radio", ID, c/d 0142, 35242

I also received a few new QSLs recently.  (Not many QSLs lately.  My hobby time has been so limited that I have not been able to send many reports these last few months.)

These 3 QSLs span the world of pirate radio.  First, from western North America, this picturesque card from Blue Ocean Radio.

Next, from Holland, this very appropriate card from Radio Zwarte Panter (Black Panther).

The final QSL is also from Holland, but from mediumwave.  I managed to snag Radio Armada on 1611 kHz last weekend and received this nice nautical card.

(Note: certain details have been deleted to ensure the protection of pirate identities and locations.)

Thanks guys!

Cheers, Terry

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