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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Audio files from Friday night

Last night there were some excellent conditions on both 48 m and mediumwave.  I am away from the radio tonight, so I thought I would do something different and upload some audio files from last night.  

 6985.1 kHz, 2104 UTC, Lightning Radio (10 minutes)- weak music at first, but a very nice peak around the 3 minute mark with a clear promo for an event in London.  Best I have ever heard Lightning.

1654.8 kHz, 2115 UTC, Radio Vrolijk Minjwerker (Happy Miner), (6 minutes) - mediumwave pirates are never reallyloud here, so I am always happy just to get clear details.  The file starts weak but improves, with greetings? and a clear ID at 2:43, followed by the Man in Black

1611,0 kHz, 2124 UTC, Radio Armada, (10 minutes) - my first reception of Armada.  There is a terrible het from a US legal station on 1610, but you can dance music at first, followed by Ann Murray, then a weak ID and greetings at 8:30 of the file.

1625.0 kHz, 2138 UTC, Radio Batavier (5 minutes) - again, not a loud reception, and more fading than the other mw stations, but there are clear greetings and an ID at 0:55 of the file

 6734.9 kHz, 2348 UTC, Hot Radio (6 minutes) - Andre was relaying Starclipper Radio, and he put in a decent signal for a while.  "Twilight Zone" is quite clear, followed by a clear Starclipper ID at 1:25, unknown oldie, DJ and "Victoria".

6284.7,kHz, 2355 UTC, Focus Int. Shortwave, amazing reception of Focus, best ever by far.   “Alive and Kicking”, ID, snailmail, (2 euros for QSL), “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

6925.0usb kHz, 0030 UTC, Radio Ga Ga, (10 minutes), "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo", ID at 4:00 of the file, decent signal and good audio for usb

3905.1 kHz, 0041 UTC, Skyline Int. Radio, (6 minutes) - 78m was not as good as the other pirates bands, and Skyline suffered from both ham and intermittent utility interference.  Still, a very listenable signal.  (second half of the file is better).

Thanks to all the stations for the great shows.

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