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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Logs, Nov. 4 & QSLs from Premier and ACDC

I only had a few minutes of listening last night, but did manage to hear 3 stations.  I intended to return to the radio after supper, but work came up.

6735.0L . 2059 . Hot Radio, pop song, ID, blues, 25442
5842.0L . 2107 . Over 60 Degree Radio, very weak music, sounded like an oldie, 14441
6285,0 . . 2111 . Radio Ascona, Dutch music, greetings, ID, short test, c/d 2116, 25442

I also received a couple nice QSLs.  This one is from Premier Radio Int. for their show this past Sunday.  Thanks Jimmy!

And I also received my first QSL from Radio ACDC.  Thanks Conraad!

(I have edited certain identifying details.  This is because I have been tracking visitors carefully in the past few months, and I am fairly certain that this blog is visited by government officials in some countries in Europe.  I have adopted a more careful policy of not showing identifying details or exact locations.  I apologize to stations if that means that I occasionally edit a QSL or pic. )

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