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Monday, 4 November 2013

Logs, Nov. 3 (afternoon & evening), QSLs from Area 51 SW, RMGP and Rainbow

Conditions were very good in the afternoon and early evening.  CWR and Sluwe Vos both had clear signals on a very quiet 19 m band, BSR had a great show of old pirate songs and clips on 18950, Technical Man faded in at a ridiculously early time on 48 m, and Premier had a very nice long show and good signal.

Unfortunately, conditions to Holland seemed to decline just after sunset, and it was a quiet night on the sw bands.

15100,0 . 1524 . Crazy Wave Radio, female pop, ID, greetings, Billy Ocean “Lover Boy”, c/d 1619, 35432
15080,0 . 1520 . Sluwe Vos Radio, Ozzy “No More Tears”, ID, greetings, email, low power test, 25442
18950,0L.1649 . Baltic Sea Radio, ID, “Caroline”, “This is a pirate radio music show on Baltic Sea Radio”, “Mi Amigo Radio” (theme?), new IDs, multilingual “seagull ID, c/d 1720, 25542
6220,0 . . 1735 . Radio Technical Man, very weak Dutch music, amazed to hear anything at this early time, 15341, up to 25441 at 1800 with ID, country
6910,0 . . 1812 . Premier Radio Int., “Come On Suzie”, ID, greetings, “Yesterday Man”, email, “I Fought the Law”, 25442, up to 35443 by 1920, closing announcements 2029, c/d 2030
6288,0 . . 1840 . Odynn Radio, very weak music and talk, caught email just before c/d, 15441
6450,0 . . 1905 . Radio Universe, “Little Green Bag”, ID, greetings, 23441
6205,4 . . 2000 . Radio Tango Italia, tango music, 25442
6376,2 . . 2043 . Radio Dutchwing, weak Dutch music, ID via Iann’s chat, 33441, ute noise
6279,8 . . 2141 . Radio Rainbow Int., ID, greetings, Celine Dion “Power of Love”, 24442

I also received these QSLs in the last few days.

Thanks to Capt. Ghost for the nice new QSL from Radio Mistero Ghost Planet:

Thanks also to Radio Rainbow for this rather unique QSL.

And to the mysterious Mr. Spock for this QSL from new? europirate Area 51 SW:

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  1. Hi Terry,

    I´m shocked about such QSL card of any "AREA 51"!!!
    Of cause we know that such terrain is existing, but....did THEY really be there????????????????????????
    Greetings to you,