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Sunday, 12 August 2012

QSLs from The Ghoul, Antonio Radio, Radio Countdown and Sundown Radio

It was quite a pleasant surprise to receive this eQSL and an info sheet from The Ghoul for a June, 2011 report.  Thanks Ghoul (and QSL Helper.)

I also received this nice QSL from Antonio Radio with a picture of his homemade tx.  Thanks Antonio.

Radio Countdown just sent me this QSL for an April report.  Thanks!

And, finally, I got this nice card from Sundown Radio recently.  Thanks!

QSLs.  The "eye candy" of free radio ;-)

Cheers, Terry

P.S.  I also received a very nice QSL via mail from Radio Viking - Tante Foek.  Unfortunately, my scanner at home is not working, but I will post it soon.

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