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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Logs, August 15 and new QSL from Lady Osaka

6319,6 . . 2009 . Radio Caroline Int., pop and dance, jingle ID, 25341

6525,0 . . 2035 . Radio Pink Panther, country songs by a woman, IDs 2120 and said he would close down, email, greetings, 25341

6299,4 . . 2045 . Pirates for Peace, pop, instrumental, ID, 33442, utility QRM

6310,0 . . 2050 . Radio Twentana, Dutch music and talk, Abba “I Have a Dream”, “Keep on Loving You”, ID and greetings, good signal but loud utility QRM, 32341

1620,0 . . 2325 . Relmus Radio, very weak ID poked through the noise, then a minute of music, and c/d.  (Amazing reception considering that it was still 20 minutes before sunset!!!). When I returned from supper (time not noted), I heard a polka fade out and a Spanish station fade in.

I received this nice QSL from Radio Osaka today for my reception Monday.  Thanks Lady Oasaka!

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