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Monday, 6 January 2014

Logs, Jan. 1 - 3 (late post due to weather/power outages, etc.)

Sorry for the very late post,  but we have been having some fun with winter here in Newfoundland.

On Friday, the temperatures dropped to about -15C with high winds.  Our power utility had several generators down for maintenance (doh!), so they had to start rotating blackouts. (Our power system on the island of Newfoundland is isolated from the rest of North America.)  Then came a blizzard Friday night with 40 cm+ of snow, and at 9 am Saturday, there was a fire at major electrical distribution link which plunged almost the entire eastern half of the island into darkness.  We were one of the lucky ones ... only 13 hours with out power.  (Although the temperature in our bedroom was 6C when the power came back on at 10:30 pm.)  Some people went 30+ hours without power.

Last night, the main generating plant cut out again, but we were lucky again, and were back on in an hour.

Today, however, the weather is calling for major freezing rain overnight tonight and heavy rain tomorrow.  Flooding worries have caused me to second a second day digging through the snow, and concerns about the freezing rain has sent me scrambling to stock up on batteries, candles, canned food, gas, whiskey and other essentials.  If the freezing rain brings down the electrical transmission lines from our major hydroelectric station on the south coast, we could be in darkness for days.  (It happened in the early 80's, took 5 days to repair.)

Hopefully, I will be back on the radio tomorrow if all goes well.

Jan. 1
6289,0 . . 1945 . Odynn Radio, instrumental, greetings, ID, country/rock, P4P promo, 35342
6300,0 . . 1955 . Radio Nachtpiraat, Dutch music, pop, dance, 34432
6294,8 . . 2001 . Radio Digitaal, 80’s pop, talk just a bit too weak to copy, fading up and down, ID via Iann’s chat, c/d 2025, 24431
6905,0 . . 2011 . Premier Radio Int., “Come On Eileen”, ID, Tina Turner “Simply the Best”, 34433
6450,4 . . 2040 . Short Wave Combination Holland, weak music, even with noise ute, ID via Iann’s chat, 23431, still on 2300 under ute, 22441
6295,0 . . 2226 . Radio Powerliner Int., Dutch music, ID, 34443, moved to 6290, c/d 2324

Jan. 2
6299,8 . . 1950 . UNID, weak music and talk, just too weak for details, 14441
1638,0 . . 2336 . Bluebird Radio, Dutch music, greetings, ID, fading in and out, 24431
1635,5 . . 0143 . UNID, continuous music, including polkas, pop and Greek sounding songs, 25432

Jan. 3
6290,8 . . 1846 . Radio Norton, weak music, ID via Iann’s chat, c/d 1901, 15341
6285,4 . . 1958 . Radio Tango Italia, instrumental, 25342
6905,0 . . 2006 . Premier Radio Int., “Rehab”, moved to 6910 at 2008, “Addicted to Love”, then back to 6905, “Jammin”,34443
1636,8 . . 2126 . Wadloper Radio, music and talk, fading in and out ,“Smoke on the Water”, 24431

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