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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Logs, October 28 and QSLs from Sluwe Vos, CoolAM and Nachtpiraat

I took Monday off from work, did a few chores, and decided to check the radio a bit early.  Was I ever glad that I did!  Noise was incredibly low, and even low power signals were audible 2 hours before sunset.

It was not a busy night, but that was ok, since I got to spend more time listening to each station.  Cool had a marathon show, and I finally logged him clearly in AM mode.  It was a classic grayline reception.   He peaked right around sunset and stayed clear for about 20 minutes.  Although he did fade a couple of times after that, he kept bouncing back, and was quite clear after 2215 when he switched to usb.

Other stations were also quite clear.  I may not be apparent from the SINPO's listed (I judge signal strength purely on the meter reading), but the low noise meant all stations were doing very well.

6324,2 . . 1850 . Radio Zeewolf, ID, greetings, report to Underground (who had been barely audible), 24441, very good signal for this early time
6284,9 . . 1855 . Radio Altrex, very weak music and talk, heard a “moo” on a peak, positive ID via Iann’s chat, c/d 1900, 15441
6735,0 . . 1900 . CoolAM Radio, traces of music at this time, better at 2030 with dance music and IDs, 24442 (I have heard Cool many times in ssb, but this was my first decent reception in am mode), switched to usb at 2215 with blues, followed by a rock show
6290,0 . . 1905 . Odynn Radio, greetings, ID, America “Horse With No Name”, 25442
6375,1 . . 2134 . Radio Experience, “Popcorn”, “Rhinestone Cowboy”, c/d 2157, 24432
6284,8 . . 2230 . Radio Rainbow Int., dance, ID, greetings, website, lots of old tunes, “I Got You”, 24342

I have also received some nice QSLs lately.  This one from Sluwe Vos reminds me of my trip to Holland in 2010 (very pleasant memories).  Thanks Vos.

CoolAM had his usual super-quick response to my report from tonight. with a nice special collector's editon eQSL  Thanks Andre!

And, finally, Radio Nachtpiraat (Night Pirate)sent me this nice tube QSL.  Thanks Diederik!

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