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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Logs, June 18 & 19, QSLs from Orgasm Int., Echo 1, & Northsea Int.

June 18
6910,0L . 2327 . Baltic Sea Radio, Beach Boys “Fun, Fun, Fun”, ID, email, Spice Girls “Wannabe”, 24441
6250,0 . . 2335 . Shortwave Gold, Hall & Oates “She’s a Maniac”, ID, 44443, occasional ute QRM

June 19
6250,0 . . 2203 . Shortwave Gold, CCR “Proud Mary”, ID, 33442, ute and ssb QRM
6290,6 . . 2236 . Radio Caroline Int., pop music, ID, 33442, ssb QRM

Three new QSLs in the past few days, all for relays.

The first is from Radio Echo 1, heard via CoolAM Radio

The next was also relayed by CoolAM ... Radio Orgasm Int.

And finally, a n/d card from Radio Northsea Int., for a report on their relay by Radio Spaceshuttle Int.

Thanks to all!

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  1. Hi Terry,

    many thanks again for any further log of us!
    Power this time had been 150watts carrier.

    Greeings also to your dog!
    R.Caroline International.