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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Logs, March 27 and pic of Gander Volmet towers

6949,5 . . 2345 . WGWR (Global Warming Radio), Fall Out Boy “ Thanks for the Memories”, talk with Al Gore about global warming and carbon credits, Cheap Trick “Surrender”, c/d 2358, 44333

1638,0 . . 0045 . UNID (Greece), Greek style music and lots of talk between songs, 34342

4029,0 . . 0020 . Laser Hot Hits, pop and talk, good signal but severe rtty and occasional ssb QRM, 42332

I had to travel through Gander last weekend, so I stopped to take a pic of the Gander Volmet tower site.  Not pirate, of course, but I thought it might be of interest of utility DXers out there.

And here is a pic of the photographer, squinting in the very bright sunlight, and not realizing he had accidentally reversed the camera shot, lol.

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