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Friday, 13 July 2012

Logs, July 11 and 12

Wednesday night was fairly quiet (just one log, but nice to hear Osaka again). 

Thursday, however, was fairly busy.  I just missed Radio Ronin special European broadcast (heard them c/d seconds after I turned on the radio).  Most stations were fairly weak (shortwave was just coming back after a blackout caused by a X1.4 solar flare), but I did hear Summermeeting Radio with a very good signal.  

July 11
6304.9 . . 2222 . Radio Osaka, weak polka and Dutch music, talk but just a little too weak to copy, signal faded out completely after 10 minutes, but faded back again at 2345 with ID and “O Canada” (thanks!), 25341

July 12
6304,9 . . 2157 . Radio Zodiac,  weak rock music and talk, ID via Iann's chat, 14341

6260,6 . . 2227 . Radio Underground, weak music and talk, just fading in, ID via Iann’s chat

6325,0 . . 2230 . Summermeeting Radio, Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, instrumental, lots of promos, IDs, email,  played my greetings to Summermeeting, Rush “Spirit of Radio”, c/d 2339, 35443  (It was very interesting hearing my own voice on the radio for the first time!  But I have to say my greeting seemed rather amateurish compared to the very professional summermeeting jingles and IDs.)

6290,8 . . 2245 . Mistero Ghost Planet, barely audible music, ID via Iann’s chat

6734,9 . . 0030 . CoolAM Radio, traces of music, faded, back at 0111 for another tease, but no details possible, ID via Iann’s chat

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