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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Logs, June 26

Now that I am on holidays until September, I am able to listen on more evenings during the week.

Tonight was not a busy as the weekend, of course, but still lots of enjoyable listening.

6420,0 . . 2032 . Radio Tidalwave, mellow music, ID, 24442, also on 6450 at 2043 and 6375 at 2102 with “Venus”the same signal level, up to 35443 at 2137 with ID and greetings, talk about Summermeeting, email “Brown Eyed Girl”

6280,0 . . 2122 . Radio Tarzan, AC/DC “Thunderstruck”, greetings, ID, 24442

7600,1 . . 2210 . Lightning Radio (presumed), very weak music fading above and below the noise, no details possible, but the first time I have had a hint from Lightning in over a year

6305,1 . . 2244 . Radio Ome Jan, Dutch music, ID, Boney M “Brown Girl in the Ring”, greetings, polka, 34342

6980,0 . . 2352 . Laser Hot Hits, ID, laser sound fx, Murray Head “One Night in Bangkok”, read a report from Jon Maples, 25442 (had been covered by Brazilian ssb QRM earlier)

10000,0 . 0054 . Italcable Time Signal, reported new Italian time signal station, could be experimental or pirate (see, instrumental music clearly audible between each minute, announcement by woman in Italian at 0059, covered by WWV, but music fairly clear in usb mode, 22441 (Thanks to Alexandr in Ukraine for the tip)

Cheers, Terry

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